Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Book List

Our top book reading list that we recommend everyone to read, so that they may develop and positive spirit of success and help to enrich others along their journey.
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Featured Book Of The Month:

Developing the Leaders Around You by John c. Maxwell

In this tender and inspiring book, Og shares with his millions of readers his old friend’s bequest. It is nothing less than a blueprint for success, telling us in plain language exactly what we must do to mount the seven rungs of life’s ladder–from material achievement and worldly success to the highest spiritual development. Whatever your most cherished dream may be, Og and his good angel Simon will show you the way to bring it within reach.

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Recommended Reading List

The 21 indispensable qualities of a leader
25 ways to win with people
The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership
Do You
Talent is never enough
The wisdom of James Allen
The Quick and easy way to effective speaking
Napoleon hills Magic Ladder to Success
Napoleon Hills keys to success
The Difference Maker
Napoleon hill keys to positive thinking
The slight edge
The master key system
The four agreements
The science of getting rich
The power of focus
Wave 4: networkmarketing in the 21st century
Napoleon hills: you can work your own miracles
If you think you can
Success with people
Reinventing yourself
Secrets of millionaire mind
Beyond positive thinking
Wave 3: the new era in networking marketing
Think and grow rich
Become the coach you were meant to be
Why your life sucks
Why we want you to be rich
Rich dad poor dad
Become a people person

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