Thursday, October 22, 2020

by Dr. Terri Simmons

Many times in business we start slow because we think we need someone to hold our hand and show us the way, even though we already know the basic rules to the game. It’s when the game changes that we seem to look back and at the same time try to run forward with the crowd and wonder why the crowd is so far ahead.

For many of us it forces us to throw our hands up and sit on the sidelines and contemplate quitting. Past wins are not enough to stay in the game and quitting really isn’t an option. So how do we gather our wits and make all that we have learned work so that we can catch up with the crowd?

Here are a few steps to accelerating the rules of the game for our team, even our team of one!

  1. Leave: You cannot accelerate with the weight of the past hanging on you. Get out of your comfort zone and leave it behind.
  2. Get Busy: There is no such thing as boredom in a person who has things to do. Do not stand still. Make a list of things that must get done and people that must be called and do them.
  3. Moment: Do not miss the moment. Procrastination and excuses will do that. Seize it.
  4. Find the Way: There is always a way if you want to get it done. There is one way mapped out just for you and only you can find it.
  5. Know: You must know who you are and what you alone are supposed to do. You are unlike anyone else. To copy anyone perfectly will only render you second best.
  6. Conquer Distractions: Change your focus to conquer distractions. Don’t look behind and don’t look to the past. Past victories are a trap and a set up for a setback. Focus on your current journey, get a strategy and move only forward.
  7. Give: Give and you put yourself in a position to give more. You are to be a blessing over and over. You have been in a place of need because you have been in a place challenged to give. Give out of your own need.
  8. Listen: Clues to what is going on and what you need to do are happening every moment. You have two ears so that your listening will be clearer. Quiet yourself so that you can hear.
  9. Follow: Great leaders leave great footsteps. And because of that it’s not hard to understand which way to go. Look at the imprint, place your own foot in the steps laid by the masters and you will go in the same successful directions.
  10. Lead: You already have so much information, experience and knowledge inside you. Lead yourself forward while you are on your road to your promised land.

Fine tune each of these points as you build your army of believers. With all diligence, patience, tenacity and with keen focus you will be further than you expected and will begin to build a team that is running with you. Get Going.


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