Turn Up Your Brights

Turn Up Your Brights

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By Dr. Terri Simmons

These days many people are working so hard at finding that light at the end of their long and dark tunnel. You just may be that light because of all that you have learned and experienced. The hard truth is although what you have gone through may have been hard for you, it was not for you at all. It was for you to lead the way for someone else to get through. Your hard road has given you a gusto, a bright light which is a pathway for someone else who is searching for their way out.

Here are 5 tips to keeping your brights on and turning them up!

  1. Be Stable – Don’t be led by your emotions. You are placed where you are supposed to be to be that example to someone. Don’t blend in. Stand out. Turn it up to the next level of brightness. Be the same at home as you are outside. There is no room for hypocrisy.
  2. Be Joyful – Don’t drink lemon juice! Live a joyful and consistent life in front of people. They will ask you what you do and will want to follow you. Happiness is not permanent and can change because circumstances can change, but joyfulness is an inner state of being. Can you not get what you want and still be joyful yet keep going? If you have joy you can.
  3. Be Good to People – Give forward. Smile first. Wave first. Give a card first. Do a project, an event or give love just because. Be a blessing to someone because you can.
  4. Be Positive – Good news helps the body, the soul and the mind to be positive. It surrounds you with good energy and people recognize it instantly, especially when you enter a room.
  5. Keep Doing What is Right – Make the effort to turn your brights up just a little bit more. Whatever the room, the atmosphere, the team, needs from you, you already have it in your power to give it. Reach down from your gut and deep in your heart and give it. And then after you’ve given, give some more. You will be better for it and so will they. And make no mistake about it, after you are long gone, you will be long remembered for it.

Your gusto is all the brightness that you have in you to give. So since you have it, turn it up. There is far more bright lights in you than all the lights of New York City! Not only make sure you have your brights on, but turn them up and let them shine, someone is looking for you!


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